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Frequently-Asked Questions About Talent Acquisition Firms

Progressive Reliability is a talent acquisition firm that is dedicated to serving the direct hire staffing needs of the Southeast United States. We strive to minimize excess expenses, decrease future turnover rates, allow you to continue to focus on your operation, give you access to specialized knowledge, and give you access to a high-quality talent pool. Below, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions about talent acquisition firms.

Talent acquisition is the organizational task of finding the right person for a job. This task involves identifying, attracting, qualifying, and acquiring skilled workers. Effective talent acquisition professionals include recruiters, HR professionals, hiring managers, staffing agencies, and premier talent acquisition firms, such as Progressive Reliability. Our talent acquisition process involves sourcing strategies, candidate assessment, and fluency in hiring standards and initiatives.

Whereas talent acquisition is the process of identifying, attracting qualifying, and acquiring skilled workers to fulfill the business needs of a particular company, talent management is the internal process focused on the success and continual retainment of employees. Talent management professionals will coach and mentor employees, lead employee training programs, and create hiring and succession plans. Having a talent management system in place will ultimately help companies prevent turnover.

Recruitment and talent acquisition share the goal of placing a qualified person into an open position. Still, recruitment is merely a component of talent acquisition. Recruitment will address a company’s short-term needs, whereas talent acquisition factors in and focuses on a company’s long-term needs. Recruitment is a tactical item that can be handled quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively by the company.

Direct hire staffing comes into play when a company has a long-term need. Direct hire positions are typically permanent, full-time positions with benefits, such as health, retirement, and paid time off. These positions will go directly onto a company’s payroll after smoothly transitioning from a talent acquisition firm. For candidates not comfortable with working under contract, this option is ideal.

There are benefits of direct hire and contract hire; it’s simply a matter of figuring out which is better for you. Contract hires function as a hybrid of temporary and direct hires. The contract-to-hire process involves the opportunity to assess the candidate, faster interview process, control benefit costs, and adapt to uncertain timelines. The direct-hire process promotes loyalty, facilitates speed, attracts more substantial talent, and is more cost-effective.

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