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As a leader in the maintenance, manufacturing, or logistics industry, you have limited time to devote to hiring—yet, this isn’t a process you can rush, as a failed hire leaves you further behind than where you started. After all, the most common reason workers leave a company is poor job fit. A person placed in a role that doesn’t match their natural strengths or professional needs is likely to be unproductive and unfulfilled, so balancing thorough qualification with expedient timing is absolutely essential.

That’s where Progressive Reliability comes in. We are a talent acquisition company that sets itself apart from “the usual outcomes.” Our unique hiring process is about more than just filling open positions—it’s about finding qualified, long-term talent to add to your team.

Tracking the RIGHT metrics

All strong recruitment companies are numbers-driven. While some will focus on filling quotas, and achieving a certain level of output (regardless of quality), they fail to take turnover rates into account. It’s expensive to repeatedly attract, hire, and train new talent, so it’s best to keep the same employees on your team for as long as possible. The challenge is, less turnover means less revenue for large public companies!

As a quality focused boutique company, we can help you find qualified candidates who are innately determined, punctual, curious, and socially aware—characteristics that cannot be taught. People with these soft skills are bound to succeed in challenging roles and develop greater company loyalty. Hiring for traits and training for skills eases the talent acquisition process and lowers your turnover rate for a better bottom line.  This is why we incentivize our recruiters on the long term success rate of any given placement, in lieu of justifying a placement for the sake of short term gains. 

Tailored Workforce Solutions

Some recruiters use one hiring methodology for all their clients. While this may inflate their numbers and increase their bonus, it does little to ensure a candidate is truly the right fit for the job. At Progressive Reliability, we understand there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for talent acquisition. We also know that every job and operation is unique. That’s why we identify your specific needs and create a profile for each position you want to fill.

After conducting an in-depth analysis, we present you with only the best 5-8% of the available talent that matches your job descriptions. From newly acquired facilities seeking a transitional team to well-established companies that need to optimize performance, we can tailor a solution to fit your needs. We’re here to fill your most agonizing positions, today.

Subject Matter Experts

Someone who understands a particular job, process, practice, or department to its fullest extent is known as a subject matter expert (SME). These professionals have extensive training and years of experience in their field, including the full awareness of “soft skills” which may include technology, sales, marketing, customer service, and much more. Hiring a subject matter expert is your chance to tap into unmatched knowledge and expertise, which you can then use to help educate new talent moving forward.

Not all talent acquisition companies deal in subject matter expert placement. Whether you’re rolling out a new platform, dealing with a difficult hurdle, or seeking advice on a complex subject, trust Progressive Reliability to put you in touch with a perfectly qualified, industry specific SME.

FAQs About Our Unique Process

The specific steps we take during the talent acquisition process diversify us from other recruitment companies. Here are the most frequently asked questions we receive about why our process yields such positive results compared to our competitors.

What do you ask about during the onboarding call?

Our process begins by holding an onboarding call with you, the client. We ask for specifics about the job and what you’re looking for in a candidate. Unlike most recruitment companies, this includes asking what soft skills you want the candidate to have. Experience is critical, but soft skills are what set a person apart and are often the untrainable qualities the person you’re looking for needs to possess. We also get a thorough understanding of the right culture fit and seek to understand the unique nuances and differences in your facility as well as how that affects your position within any given talent region. 

Where do you search for qualified talent?

Our recruiters search a proprietary mix of well optimized recruitment & social media sources, as well as utilizing unique advertising processes, and various other tools with niche keywords and Boolean searches to navigate through top-qualified talent while disregarding the irrelevant results. Other staffing companies don’t use this technique, because it is expensive, which sets us apart and allows us to tap into a deeper, more qualified, and more reliable pool of candidates.

Do you require the candidate to follow up?

After the interview, we require the candidate to follow up with their recruiter to explain whether they are interested in the opportunity. While other recruitment firms skip this important step, we find it valuable because it holds the candidate accountable and ensures they are interested in the role as a long term placement. The secret is to balance proper communication on our end while also ensuring the candidate has room to show that they’re thoroughly committed to the opportunities presented by your role. 

Do you request feedback from your clients?

We always push for as much feedback as possible regarding your decision to hire a candidate or not, especially if you aren’t interested in moving forward. Your feedback helps the candidate succeed in their next endeavor (like any continuous improvement loop) and helps us improve on our searches by adding in new parameters as the marketplace & management’s requirements shift. Plus, you remain on good terms with the candidate, so we can reach out again if a different opportunity arises within your company in the future.

How do you ensure the candidate is prepared for the interview?

We email the candidate with all the information they need, including the date, time, and location of the interview; the LinkedIn profiles of those who are conducting the interview; and research/present all relevant news articles & videos about the company. Then, we schedule a “prep call” to review the emailed information with the candidate and address any questions or concerns they might have. While other recruitment companies don’t include this step in the hiring process, we find it vital to thoroughly preparing the candidate and treat their preparation as another opportunity to qualify their interest.

How do you reduce turnover once the new hire starts working?

When the onboarding process is complete, and the candidate becomes a hardworking member of your team, our recruiters continue to follow up on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to ensure full communication throughout “the honeymoon period” to ensure the job meets their expectations. We make sure our candidates know they can reach out to us should there be any onboarding or miscommunication issues and ensure that they contact HR with any issues they’re experiencing. With this open dialogue, candidates are more likely to speak up rather than simply quit when they encounter problems on the job. This improves your retention rate and builds further trust between you, your well qualified new hire, and your team’s valuable time.

Talent Recruitment Done Right

Progressive Reliability can connect you with industry leaders who will elevate your production to the next level. We find the “work behind the skill” and the “untrainable traits” that make for the best employees. Let us tailor a workforce solution that empowers your company to outperform your peers! Contact us today to begin finding trusted candidates for your team.


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